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Welcome to Akamai TechDocs


Written by

Beth Favini

February 10, 2022


We're pleased to announce the launch of Akamai’s brand-new documentation site: techdocs.akamai.com. Powered by ReadMe, our new site offers intuitive and interactive content designed to help you get the most out of your Akamai products.  

The new TechDocs site is the latest piece of Akamai’s digital transformation, complementing the new www.akamai.com and training.akamai.com sites. It replaces learn.akamai.com and the API documentation section of developer.akamai.com. When you need technical documentation on our APIs or product interfaces, simply go to techdocs.akamai.com for answers. To learn more about our site, check out our video tour.


Designed for developers

We’ve designed the new documentation with developers in mind. Among the new content and features, you’ll find:

  • Akamai Developer Tools. Learn more about the tools and resources you can use to start integrating Akamai solutions. You’ll find information on setting up authentication credentials and automating workflows with our APIs. Get tips on working with Docker, Postman, and Terraform, and writing custom code with Python and other programming languages.

  • Dynamic code samples in our API reference guides. Our new API reference documentation is rich with code samples, provided in various languages. Add your own parameters and see how the code updates right away. (Note that all reference guide samples are high level. They do not provide complete authentication instructions and are provided for illustrative purposes only.)

  • Working code samples and tutorials. Our “recipes” take you one step further, walking you through key parts of the code to get a better understanding of how to apply it to real-world tasks. Go to Recipes to find working code samples, complete with authentication steps.

Organized to help you find answers

On our new documentation homepage, we’ve organized content into categories aligned around what you can accomplish with Akamai services.


If you prefer a product-centered view of the site, be sure to visit and bookmark the Products & tools A – Z page, which lists Akamai products alphabetically by name. Here, you’ll also be able to access documentation about the different resources (online help, API, CLI, and Terraform) available for each product.

Coming soon

The new site launch is just the first step in delivering helpful content in an intuitive and interactive way. Stay tuned for these upcoming enhancements:

  • Collaborative editing with suggested edits. Think we got something wrong? Soon you’ll be able to let us know using ReadMe’s Suggest Edits feature. Your comments will kick off the due diligence required to validate and incorporate any changes as soon as possible.

  • Dynamic access to our APIs’ OpenAPI source. Access our source files to integrate with Postman or other DevOps tooling.

  • More recipes, more code samples, and less noise. We’re committed to continuous improvement and to streamlining the content we provide. Visit the site often to see what’s new.

Let us know how we’re doing

You can help us understand what’s working and what isn’t by using the helpfulness button at the bottom of any topic. We’ll monitor this feedback to continually identify opportunities to improve our documentation. We’ll also identify higher-level trends that can help inform decisions we make when designing new documentation and API services in the future.


Visit Akamai TechDocs today and let us know what you think!


Written by

Beth Favini

February 10, 2022