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BOOK WALKER delivers high-quality customer experience

Akamai Download Delivery enabled its customers to have a frictionless download experience, even with large files during peak traffic


Akamai Download Delivery gives customers a frictionless download experience, even with large image files and during huge bursts of traffic.

At BOOK WALKER, customer experience comes first and foremost; they need readers to have a consistent, fast, and always available high-quality user experience. Because the company distributes magazines made up of image data, file sizes are often very large. The ability to download large files is important to their customers in Japan. As such, BOOK WALKER chose to invest in Akamai Download Delivery. Despite large image files, it gives their customers a frictionless download experience.

Additionally, BOOK WALKER occasionally experiences sudden bursts of traffic when magazines publish entertainment industry exclusives. If they catch on, BOOK WALKER must provide a system that makes the magazines available for all of their customers, a system that operates reliably and that does not go down, even during these enormous traffic spikes. Akamai’s solutions have also helped BOOK WALKER with an extremely reliable and stable service, which easily handles these bursts of traffic.

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