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EMC saved millions of dollars by utilizing Akamai to deliver their e-learning and training content on demand through the online channel

Traditionally we would deploy our own solutions but it just made more sense for us to choose Akamai.

Tony Pagliarulo, VP of Applications & Development, EMC

EMC is a leading provider of IT storage hardware solutions to promote data backup and recovery and accelerate the journey to cloud computing.

EMC started doing business with Akamai because they were experiencing application performance challenges with regards to their users in the nether regions of Asia as well as Eastern Europe. They looked at trying to build their own CDN solution, and the cost and timeline were prohibitive, which led them to Akamai, who provided them with a scalable, flexible infrastructure.

Initially, Akamai started delivering EMC’s e-learning content, and the benefit was immediate. EMC was able to cut down on the amount of classroom and instructor-led training and go to a more computer-based training and video training module, which allowed them to save millions of dollars in training costs. An additional benefit was the ability to deliver training and content on demand, which is hugely powerful in today’s dynamic market.

EMC has continued to expand their relationship with Akamai over the years. What started out as a solution for delivering their e-learning content has evolved into Akamai distributing almost all the content for EMC’s extranet. This includes their partner self-service portal, software delivery programs and e-commerce platform. Most recently, EMC has begun using Akamai Web Application Accelerator for their new website.

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