MCNC reduces risk for public sector organizations

Working collaboratively with Akamai, MCNC provides security services for its customers, many of which have limited security staff


MCNC is a regional education network that provides connectivity, IT services, and security services for public sector organizations in North Carolina. It has worked with Akamai to provide a DNS-based security service for its customers to help them improve their security posture and to proactively protect them against malware, ransomware, phishing, and DNS data exfiltration attacks. Because many of MCNC’s customers have limited security staff, Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector is a great solution for them, as it requires no hardware or software to be installed, and can be deployed and delivering protection within 30 minutes.

About MCNC

MCNC is a nonprofit, client-focused organization that owns and operates the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). With over 35 years of innovation, MCNC continues to provide high-performance technology services for education, research, libraries, health care, public safety, and other community anchor institutions throughout North Carolina.

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