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Mega International Commercial Bank

Akamai protects Mega Bank’s DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks and provides a fast, reliable, and secure web experience

After an internal proof of concept process, we identified Akamai as a trustworthy partner. Akamai is a security expert, providing our banking service comprehensive protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, as a global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai also helps ensure our online services will not be affected by sudden intensive web traffic. Akamai’s ability to provide a fast, secure, and quality web experience has supported us by providing all our customers with a seamless and secure access to our banking services

Cheng-Jen Lee, Assistant Vice President Data Processing & Information Department, Mega International Commercial Bank

The Situation

Mega International Commercial Bank (Mega Bank) is a leading commercial bank in Taiwan. Mega Bank has 108 branches in Taiwan along with 22 branches and five representative offices abroad. As a corporate bank, it is extremely important to ensure all customers - domestic and international - have seamless and secure access to its online services. To ensure it was able to serve its customers without interruptions, Mega Bank made significant investments to set up two data centers and increased their bandwidth. In addition, as Mega Bank began to expand globally, it also became a target for cyberattacks.

The Challenge

For financial institutions, it is very important to provide their customers with a stable and secure banking experience. In the past, Mega Bank worked with a local partner to establish bandwidth infrastructure with an on-demand cybersecurity service. However, the Internet bandwidth cost became relatively high as the business expanded, and Mega Bank sometimes needed to stop internal Internet operations to maintain enough bandwidth for customer services, such as e-billing. In addition, Mega Bank found the on-demand cybersecurity service provided by the local partner could not defend against DDoS attacks instantly and effectively. Therefore, Mega Bank identified Akamai Web Performance Solutions and selected Cloud Security Solutions to help provide its customers a stable and secure banking service.

The Goals


  • Enhance user experience. Mega Bank wanted to ensure all customers have an optimal online experience that is stable and of high quality
  • Protect the website and mitigate Internet security risks. Mega Bank wanted to successfully protect the system from increasingly sophisticated attacks and provide its customers with a seamless and secure banking experience online


Why Akamai

Managing Web Traffic and Providing Valued Information with Analytics

The Akamai Intelligent Platform enabled Mega Bank to speed up website delivery time and provide a high-quality web experience. Akamai’s dynamic mapping system of the platform directs user requests to an optimal Akamai server and uses route optimization to identify the fastest and most reliable route to enhance the web experience for Mega Bank’s domestic and global customers. The same system also helps Mega Bank manage its web traffic.

As over 50% of Mega Bank profit is generated by overseas transactions, it was essential that these overseas customers also have access to a fast and stable online banking experience. After deploying Akamai Web Performance Solutions, the website page load speed for overseas and domestic users became 1.67 times faster. For the bank, as compared with Q4 2015, in Q1 2016 the overall bandwidth consumption was reduced by 50% while the total web traffic increased by 20%. In addition, Mega Bank could examine the system and solve problems with the detailed analytics information provided by Akamai.

Gaining Professional Support for Cybersecurity Threats 24/7

Akamai Cloud Security Solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection against cyberattacks, helping Mega Bank defend against DDoS attacks against their DNS infrastructure without any interruption to their online portal. One attack took place soon after Mega Bank implemented Akamai Security Solutions in early June 2015. The online banking service endured a DDoS attack twice, for over one hour each time. Akamai completely mitigated the attacks and the online banking services were not affected. Once the attackers realized Mega Bank had a security solution in place that successfully thwarted the attacks, they stopped attacking.

“The Akamai solution minimizes the risk that we’ll be unable to provide our customers stable and secure online access due to criminal attacks. Akamai offers cybersecurity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t need to worry about being the target of an attack any longer,” said Lee.

Trusted Reputation of Akamai’s Comprehensive Solutions

A world-leading CDN service provider, Akamai provided professional counsel and solutions to Mega Bank. It stands out from competitors for its premium, leading-edge service and excellent reputation. With the help of its globally distributed Intelligent Platform, Akamai solutions are designed to enable high-quality website performance, stable content delivery, and tailored solutions based on different situations and requirements for every client.

About Mega International Commercial Bank

Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., one of leading banks in Taiwan, has come into being as a result of the merger of The International Commercial Bank of China and Chiao Tung Bank. Both banks have been proud of their long time history of outstanding track records. Owing to consolidation, Mega International Commercial Bank now has 108 branches at home and 22 branches with 5 representative offices abroad. Together with the network are wholly-owned bank subsidiaries in Thailand and Canada, along with the branches, bringing the number of overseas outposts to 39 in total. The total workforce is over 5,100, and has an aggregate paid-in capital of NT$85,362,336,310. To know more about Mega International Commercial bank, please visit:


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