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Akamai helps Vizury deliver content to 800 million users worldwide

"User experience is a key influencer of online behavior especially in industries such as eCommerce and online banking, as they have a direct impact on adoption and abandonment metrics. This is true in the case of advertising as well. A great user experience is critical to provide a powerful and personal message that helps our customers have the optimum impact as a result of their marketing efforts. To support this, we require a high-performance platform that’s both scalable and reliable, and Akamai’s Intelligent Platform helped us meet this requirement."

Mansoor Alicherry, VP Engineering, Vizury Interactive

The Situation

Vizury helps marketers secure customers using personalized marketing solutions across channels. It reaches out to 800 million users and processes more than 100 billion ad requests every month. Vizury has a clientele of leading marketers in a number of spaces, from eCommerce, travel & leisure, financial services, to dating and automotive, and services brands from 40+ countries including India, China, Japan, and South America.

User experience is an integral part for these online interactions, and they are increasing in complexity with factors like the networks and devices influencing them. A great user experience goes a long way in strengthening brand perception, and Vizury wanted to deliver high-quality ad content across a variety of networks and devices without compromising on user experience.

The Goal

Vizury wanted to meet the following three objectives:

  • Serve Ads regardless of traffic conditions: Vizury has customers in India, China, Japan and South America that are delivering ad content to their end users on different devices and networks. As such, delivering ads quickly and consistently regardless of traffic conditions was important. 
  • Reduce load on the origin: Vizury wanted to offload traffic on its origin server. 
  • Improve scale and reduce cost: Vizury wanted to manage cost by not having to invest in expanding its infrastructure.

Why Akamai?
High Performance and Assured Availability

Vizury helps marketers optimize their marketing spend through its ad targeting platform by letting them have one on one conversations with their buyers. Vizury aimed to deliver high-quality content across networks and devices, without compromising on user experience and slowing down the website. As such, Vizury required help from a solution provider that was reliable and had the proven capability to provide a great user experience regardless of the region or the device.

According to Alicherry of Vizury Interactive, “Online interactions have increased in complexity. Content needs to be rich and engaging, which also means it’s likely to be heavier. On the other hand, end users may access online services from different devices, with different capabilities such as screen sizes and processing power. Adding to the complexity is the network strength - some users may be on broadband, while others might be using a cellular network. Web performance is therefore extremely critical to manage all these variables, as it could otherwise have a negative impact on the user experience.”

Scaling on demand

To deliver on Vizury’s promise and vision, the team chose Akamai’s Web Performance Solution, built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform. This is the world’s largest and most advanced cloud-based platform, which helps Vizury deliver ad content to end-users across the world. The platform is backed by 100% availability SLA which helps Vizury ensure consistency when it comes to user experience.

Alicherry explains, “Vizury delivers ads to users in more than 40 countries. We were looking for a high-performance platform that we could rely on. Akamai’s distributed platform helped us with 95% content offload, and reduces latency while delivering the content to users. Akamai’s scale and reliability were extremely important for us to deliver on the promise of performance marketing.” He further adds, “Without having to invest on additional infrastructure, we have been able to support the increase in web traffic which would not have been possible without Akamai.”

About Vizury

Vizury is a leading digital CRM company headquartered in Bangalore, India. They help marketers optimize their marketing spends through their targeting platform by letting them have 1:1 conversations with their buyers. They are backed by leading VC firms from India, Singapore & Silicon Valley and work with leading marketers in the e-commerce, travel & leisure, banking, stock trading, financial services, dating & automotive space amongst others.

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