Akamai Technologies

Akamai Sustainability

Akamai believes it is our responsibility to help create digital experiences that are fast, smart, and secure, all while caring for the larger environment. That’s why we are making sustainable business decisions that benefit our customers, our communities, and the future of our industry.

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Akamai Headquarters

Where We Work

Akamai is committed to developing goals, policies, and metrics to advance toward more sustainable and healthier workplaces worldwide. This includes reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions at our offices; procuring renewable electricity; and implementing best practices in waste, water, and indoor air quality management.

Green Energy

Where We Operate

We optimize our operations through partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and like-minded companies. We recognize that sustainability does not stop with one country, state, city, company, or person. That’s why our operating philosophy leads to positive and lasting environmental change while encouraging a carbon-free Internet for all.

Danny Lewin Days

Where We Live

We believe the Internet brings the world closer together and facilitates a greater understanding among people across the globe. We encourage our worldwide offices to develop impactful community projects that improve the environments where our employees live, helping to create global change through local action.