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Safe. Everywhere.

Take advantage of edge networking and data science to protect your business from today’s threats.

Complete Protection. One Powerful Provider.

When protecting applications, infrastructure, workers, and customers, a patchwork of different solutions can lead to confusion and blind spots. A unified approach is how carriers move from unsure to secure.

Akamai security surrounds and protects carriers with the largest globally distributed edge network in 135 countries, managing over 3 trillion transactions each day. This provides in-depth defense against threats, simplified controls, and a way to increase customer satisfaction, while opening up new lines of business with extended security solutions.

Security with an Intelligent Edge

Residing within one network hop of more than 90% of the world’s internet users, the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is the only global, massively distributed platform with the scale, resiliency, and security that carriers demand.


130 Terabytes

Attack data analyzed everyday


37.4 million

Malicious application-level attacks denied per hour


350 billion

Bot requests managed per month

Detect Threats at a Deeper Level

Akamai’s cloud services platform provides security solutions based on advanced data science.

Future defenses will depend on machine learning and AI solutions that process vast amounts of data at the edge.

Akamai uses advanced data science and raw data extracted at the intelligent edge to resolve complex issues and mitigate global threats. With this deeper level of awareness, you can create a defensive shield for your business, your network, and your customers.

  • Interacts with 2.2 trillion DNS requests and 1.3 billion devices per day
  • More than 300 Akamai data scientists and threat experts
  • More than 9 petabytes of attack data from interactions mined by researchers

Adaptive Threat and Access Intelligence

Protect Your Business

Enforce malware protection and secure access to employees

  • Enterprise Threat Protector: Malware protection using recursive DNS and cloud security intelligence
  • Enterprise Application Access: Simple, unified and secure corporate application access
  • Edge DNS: Scalable authoritative DNS service with DDoS protection and traffic management

Protect Your Network

Enforce malware protection and secure access to employees

  • Bot Manager: Machine learning to manage bots and protect against credential abuse
  • Kona Site Defender: Advanced WAF with API protection, client reputation, and managed options
  • Edge DNS: Scalable authoritative DNS service with DDoS protection and traffic management
  • SPS ThreatAvert: Protection from DNS-DDoS and IoT-based attacks from inside network

Protect Your Customers

Ensure security and identity across the entire infrastructure

  • SPS Secure Consumer: Consumer security and web filtering
  • SPS Secure Business: SMB security and web filtering; DNS infrastructure protection
  • SPS Shield: Cloud-based DNS security to cover all your subscribers
  • Identity Cloud: Secure customer identity and access management
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