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Aura Managed CDN

Managed Operator CDN suite to deploy a highly scalable, turnkey CDN

With Aura Managed CDN, operators can deploy a highly scalable, completely turnkey media CDN leveraging Akamai technology on servers dedicated and customized for the network operator's services. Operators can deliver multi-screen streaming video services and large objects, plus offer commercial content delivery network services, relying on Akamai experts and proven technology for content provisioning, delivery and reporting.

Aura Managed CDN product brief

Case Study: Sky Italia

Sky Italia, serving over 4 million Italian households, leveraged the Aura MCDN to reduce bandwidth cost by 10%, improve download speeds by 25% and gain more control over content distribution.

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Akamai’s network operator portfolio now includes products and technology designed to leverage DNS for value-add revenues and help mobile operators monetize delivery of high quality video.

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