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Intelligent DNS for fast, secure, personalized user experience per connection and device

AnswerX is an intelligent recursive DNS platform built for effective management of DNS traffic. AnswerX is subscriber-aware, enabling operators to offer value-add service options such as parental controls and fast access to preferred websites while enhancing operator ability to deliver subscriber value-add. AnswerX can process millions of DNS transactions per second and offers best-in-class total cost of ownership.

Akamai Xerocole Now Part Of Akamai

Akamai Acquires Xerocole

Akamai acquired Xerocole in early 2015, quickly integrating Xerocole’s intelligent recursive DNS products and solutions into its Network Operator Solutions portfolio.

Akamai Community

Akamai Community

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Akamai Network Operator Solutions

Related Solutions

Akamai Network Operator Solutions help providers capitalize on traffic growth and new services by reducing CDN complexity, optimizing delivery of mobile data and personalizing user experience.

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