Public Sector

Whether government organizations or educational institutions need to deliver online services, migrate applications to the cloud, provide critical information during a crisis or simply expand the performance of a website, they're challenged to meet user expectations for fast, seamless web experiences on any device while securing content and users from a growing set of cyber security threats.

Comply with regulations and secure users and content

With the award of our FedRAMP P-ATO and long-term commitment to serving cloud solution needs such as DNSSEC, IPv6 and HIPAA compliance, Akamai is a trusted partner of public sector organizations building cloud computing projects. With ‘always on' web protection delivered far from the data center at the edges of the Internet, the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ defends against DDoS attacks, SQL injections and data breaches, securing web content and users from threats.

Deliver high-performance web experiences to any device

When engaging with public sector organizations online, users expect online experiences that are as fast and easy as consumer marketplaces. Akamai delivers a flawless web experience under any condition, enabling mobile optimized websites and web applications and delivering cloud services, defense-in-depth solutions, greener IT and ultimately the potential for higher ROI.

"From a strategic point of view, Akamai allows us to consider doing things on our websites that were not possible before — we no longer have to worry about distribution capacity and can spend less time responding to the impact of Denial of Service attacks. Akamai's service has had a huge impact on the quality of service the DoD sites provide to the general public." — Terry Davis, Manager, Office of The Secretary of Defense, Public Web Program

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