Akamai Services &Support

Increase your adoption of Akamai solutions to deliver consistent, fast, and secure experiences

Helping you to bolster confidence in your operations and prevent issue recurrence by leveraging expert assistance and support, delivered to promote product adoption and health of your Akamai configuration.

Unlike other companies, Akamai’s services team gave us direct support in the early stage of deployment, helping us build our services more quickly and reliably. Now, we receive active help in performing maintenance and optimizing services based on Battle Comics’ requirements.
- Heo Ji-woong, CTO,
The Whale Games
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What is Plus Service and Support?

Plus Service & Support

Plus Service and Support is Akamai’s new entry-level package that provides expert assistance and support to promote product adoption and account health.

Enhanced transparency

through visibility and insight around core services, and important properties from the brand down.

Improve efficiency to scale

by establishing a consistent portfolio and reducing complexity.

Response time

to critical issues, for technical support: 60 minutes.

Access to professional services experts

to configure, maintain, and optimize your setups.

Stay ahead of the curve

with training programs designed to help users maximize the return on their Akamai investments.

Named Akamai Solution Expert

provides high-value aligned, context-based Professional Services.

Professional Services

Execute your day to day with ease, and create, test, and deploy with an expert team by your side.

Monthly Service Reports

Standardized report that identifies technical risks, feature gaps, and best practices related to your supported configuration files.

Programmatic Health Checks

A key part of your monthly report, Health Checks provide a programmatic check to match the configuration of an implementation with established best practices and discover opportunities for optimization.

Technical Support

Provide efficient and effective support including unlimited support requests for one customer team.

Enhanced SLAs

Faster response time for technical support: 60-minute Service-Level Agreement for all Severity 1 issues.

Akamai University

Training programs designed to help users and admins learn industry best practices to maximize the return on their Akamai investment. Includes one seat per year in Akamai University Virtual Classroom Training.

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