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At Akamai, we see a world of unimagined potential, all enabled through the unique power of the Akamai Edge. It’s this power that creates the agility you need to accelerate and secure your hybrid-cloud world — and own your digital future.

“With Akamai Premium Service and Support 3.0 as an extended resource, we are better able to apply best practices and continually tune and optimize our application configurations.”
- Mark Tuttle, Senior Manager of Engineering,
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What is Premium Service and Support 3.0?

Premium 3.0 Service

Premium Service and Support 3.0 harnesses the power of Akamai’s experts to help you achieve your most challenging business goals by leveraging Akamai’s fastest response time, high-touch technology consulting, programmatic health checks, technical business assessments, proactive monitoring and alerting, advanced training courses, and off-hour configuration support. It also offers an integrated technical account team that understands your business and delivers a truly personalized experience to help you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

More transparency

through visibility and insight around core services, and important properties from the brand down.

Higher levels of consistency

by following a strict methodology and scheduled delivery of solutions.

Faster response

to critical issues, around the clock, through an Express Routing Code.

Reduce problem recurrence

through enhanced monitoring and alerting.

Access to professional services experts

to configure, maintain, and optimize your setups.

Gain competitive edge

through high-value technology consulting delivered by Akamai technical experts.


through unlimited Akamai University seats with advanced training courses in areas such as DevOps and Bot Manager, as well as a customized on-site training class.

Technical Business Assessments

In-depth assessments focused on your critical business goals, providing clear actionable recommendations in areas such as DNS, routing between edge and origin, offload availability, and SEO optimization.

Quarterly Business Reviews

A holistic account review covering trends around engagement with technical support, consumption report, traffic numbers, analysis, recommendations, and much more.

Monthly Service Reports

Advanced reporting intended to inform your monthly touchpoints with Akamai, showcasing consumption metrics, trends on engagement with technical support, configuration health report(s), statistics on fired proactive alerts, and more.

Weekly Project Reviews

Consistent week-over-week report available on demand, providing visibility into ongoing tasks and projects, recently completed items, and performance trends on month-over-month changes. Easily consumable in a weekly status meeting or over email.

Programmatic Health Checks

Periodic examination of your critical configuration files to identify gaps, uncover problems, and discover opportunities for optimization. Month-over-month tracking enables you to track your performance trends.

Proactive Services Availability Monitoring

Advanced monitoring and alerting enables you to take rapid action on any identified outages and potential issues.

Fastest Response Times

15-minute Time To Respond (TTR) Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for Severity 1 tickets with our technical support team.

Off-Hour Configuration Support

Engage our Global Professional Services organization for configuration assistance on your time.

Akamai University

Unlimited Akamai University passes and a custom on-site training for advanced programs to help users and admins learn industry best practices to maximize the return on your Akamai investment.

Technical Advisory Services

Gain competitive edge through high-value technology consulting delivered by a Technical Advisor.

Professional Services

Access to Akamai’s specialized team of Internet experts who help you leverage the full feature functionality of Akamai solutions and keep your configuration tuned for peak performance.