Data Protection

Modern websites and web applications provide end users an unprecedented ability to interact with vast collections of data stored in corporate and government data centers. In this new world of the empowered web user, data protection is complex and challenging—but it's also essential for the well-being of users and of the corporate or government organizations storing the data. In some industries, data protection is also mandated by regulation, such as PCI compliance requirements for payment card data or HIPAA mandates for personal health data.

Dimensions of Data Protection

Data protection has three core dimensions each of which must be addressed by web service security mechanisms and other safeguards built into today's distributed web applications:

  • Confidentiality. Sensitive data must be protected from being read by unauthorized persons, both when the data is in storage and when it is in transit between storage systems and authorized users.
  • Integrity. This data protection objective means that data must not be accidentally or maliciously altered or deleted.
  • Availability. Data must be available to authorized users when they need it, despite problems that sometimes occur with networks, servers, and data center facilities.

Akamai: Extending Data Protection to the Edges of the Internet

Akamai helps many of the world's leading brands protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of web-accessible data. Built on top of Akamai's globe-spanning web content delivery network (CDN), our Cloud Security Solutions provide multiple layers of data protection including:

  • A distributed, forward-positioned web application firewall that thwarts application layer threats to data confidentiality and integrity such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. (For additional information about SQL injection, see our SQL injection tutorial.)
  • SSL/TLS content delivery supporting multiple certificate options and cipher strength requirements.
  • Network layer and application layer defenses against denial of service attacks, a common threat to data availability.
  • For online merchants, an edge tokenization service that can keep sensitive cardholder data out of your origin infrastructure and thereby sharply reduce the scope of your PCI compliance checklist.
  • Underlying it all: a true high-availability web content delivery platform, with redundancy and fault tolerance built into every level.

Akamai customers enjoy not only enhanced data protection, but access to a comprehensive suite of performance acceleration solutions for web content and applications, spanning everything from mobile optimized websites, to media adaption and streaming, to actionable performance intelligence reporting based on real user monitoring as well as advanced synthetic monitoring.

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