Enterprise mobility solutions

As your business users increasingly rely on mobile devices to connect with enterprise data and web applications, it takes sophisticated enterprise mobility solutions to help you deliver exceptional mobile performance.

When it comes to enterprise mobility, user expectations are through the roof. They want perfect performance on any device in any location – they don’t care about connection speeds, bandwidth issues, security headaches or the limitations of their mobile devices. To meet their demands and improve engagement, you need enterprise mobility solutions that can not only ensure an optimal experience every time, but scale to meet the requirements of peak traffic situations.

As the global leader in Content Network Delivery (CDN) services, Akamai provides integrated enterprise mobility solutions to speed delivery, improve security, enhance performance and ensure exceptional experiences on any device, anywhere.

Akamai Ion delivers integrated enterprise mobility solutions.

Akamai Ion is designed to help enterprises meet the challenges of delivering consistently superior mobile performance and making mobile cloud services fast, available and secure. As an integrated suite of optimization, acceleration and content delivery technologies, Ion makes real-time optimization decisions based on the situational requirements of an end user’s device, location, browser and network. Ion is built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, enabling greater speed, availability and performance even during peak conditions.

Akamai’s enterprise mobility solutions include superior capabilities for:

  • Scalability. With continuous caching, advanced offload and comprehensive site failover capabilities, Ion enables enterprises to avoid expensive web infrastructure while providing greater availability and the ability to scale as conditions require
  • Performance. Ion adaptively applies optimizations based on advanced analysis of each web application and real-time insight about the end user’s environment, enabling faster web application responses.
  • Intelligence. Akamai Ion uses real user monitoring, device characterization and mobile detection and redirect to deliver unprecedented insight into the web experiences of actual users while enabling Akamai edge infrastructure or your origin infrastructure to make decisions based on that intelligence.

Benefits of Akamai enterprise mobility solutions.

With enterprise mobility solutions from Akamai, you can:

  • Increase user engagement and reduce abandonment across mobile web experiences.
  • Increase successful transactions through uninterrupted availability.
  • Exceed user expectations with rich, engaging web experiences.
  • Provide consistent mobile performance across devices, networks, browsers and locations.
  • Minimize the complexity of enterprise mobility management.
  • Gain a better understanding of how users connect and engage with your brand.
  • Focus development efforts on business requirements and competencies instead of optimization overhead.

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