Managed Cloud

A managed cloud is a package of computing resources that a cloud service provider hosts and manages for the exclusive use of a single client. These dedicated computing resources are either physically or virtually segregated from resources that the service provider makes available to other clients. In a sense, a managed cloud offers service users the best of both worlds: they gain the added measure of security and control that comes with dedicated IT resources, while avoiding the CAPEX and maintenance costs associated with an on-premise private cloud.

Managed Cloud Types

There are several types of managed cloud, which mirror the basic categories of cloud computing services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With this type of managed cloud, a cloud service operator provides a client with a dedicated, managed pool of raw compute, network, and cloud storage resources.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS). With this managed cloud type, the cloud hosting operator provides the client with a dedicated, managed development platform including middleware such as application servers and RDBMs, as well as programming SDKs.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS). Here the managed service operator provides the client with a complete dedicated resource stack that delivers application level functionality desired by the client.

A leading example of a SaaS managed cloud is Akamai's Aura Managed CDN service, which is part of the Akamai suite of Network Operator Solutions.

The Managed Cloud for Today's Online Media Environment

Akamai's Aura Managed CDN service is a turnkey content distribution network (CDN) solution that enables network operators to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by today's online media environment. This managed cloud solution provides network operators with dedicated CDN servers within the global Akamai Intelligent Platform, the world's largest and most advanced cloud architecture for accelerating and securing the delivery of multimedia web content and web applications.

With the Akamai Aura Managed CDN solution, network operators can:

  • Launch a turnkey CDN with no upfront CAPEX costs and no need to maintain the underlying CDN infrastructure.
  • Reduce subscriber churn by offering users high-performance web experiences and multi-screen video services.
  • Increase average revenue per user by offering higher-tier, multimedia service packages.
  • Generate new revenues by offering CDN services to enterprises and third party content providers.
  • Reduce origin network load and costs.
  • Control your dedicated CDN resources through Akamai's web-based cloud management software.

Learn more about Akamai's managed cloud solution for operator CDNs.