Mobile Cloud Computing

In an era of profound change in information technology, the two most far-reaching developments have been cloud computing and the mobile Internet. These two IT revolutions intersect in mobile cloud computing. Today's SaaS cloud providers are compelled to offer services specifically for mobile users, or else miss out on a growing share of the online marketplace. Mobile cloud computing is also prevalent within the enterprise, as corporate IT groups make enterprise cloud services available to a mobile workforce that accesses those services while on the road or in the field.

While providing substantial benefits to users, mobile cloud computing poses major challenges to those responsible for application delivery. Like all cloud computing services, mobile cloud computing depends on the public Internet as an extended delivery platform, which introduces questions around reliability, performance, and security. This basic cloud computing challenge is compounded by difficulties specific to mobile, such as high latency over the last mile, device performance limitations, and proliferation of device types.

Akamai Solves the Mobile Cloud Computing Delivery Challenge

Akamai is the industry leader in safeguarding and accelerating the delivery of content and applications over the public Internet. By using Akamai's global content distribution and network optimization solutions, providers of public or enterprise mobile cloud computing services can reliably and securely deliver high-performance web experiences to any user, on any type of device, anywhere in the world.

Akamai's customers in the mobile cloud computing space enjoy benefits such as:

  • Increased revenues from consumer-oriented mobile applications.
  • Increased mobile workforce productivity.
  • Fewer support tickets and reduced support desk costs.
  • Enhanced visibility into mobile application performance and user behavior.

How the Akamai Solution for Mobile Cloud Computing Works

Akamai's solution for mobile cloud computing is itself a cloud-based service, enabling customers to quickly and easily start the service with no need to expand their own infrastructure. Mobile websites and applications configured for delivery over the Akamai global network benefit from two broad categories of capabilities embedded in the network:

  • Capabilities that benefit web content and applications of any type, such as dynamic caching at the edges of the Internet, IP routing optimization, TCP optimization, global load balancing, and distributed network security mechanisms.
  • Mobile-specific capabilities such as adaptive image compression, inline Front End Optimization (FEO), distributed mobile device detection and redirection to mobile optimized websites, and implementation of Akamai's Enhanced Mobile Protocol for optimized delivery over the last mile.

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