Mobile Commerce

If you sell or market products and services online, you know that online commerce has increasingly become mobile commerce. This sea change presents your business with an exciting and lucrative opportunity to create messaging, offers, and experiences tailored for your mobile customers and prospects. This also means overcoming many technical hurdles in order to provide your audience with an engaging mobile commerce experience. Fortunately, Akamai's cloud-based mobile optimization platform can solve these technical challenges for you, so you can keep your focus on creating compelling mobile content and applications.

Optimizing Mobile Commerce for Network and Device Limitations

Despite recent technological improvements, the wireless networks that enable mobile commerce are faster than they used to be, but they're still markedly slower than fixed-line internet. And while smartphones pack more computing punch than they did a few years ago, they're still short on processing speed, memory, and storage in comparison to desktop PCs. Screen size, of course, is another limiting factor.

Akamai lifts your mobile commerce initiatives over these technical hurdles by layering state-of-art mobile optimization software on top of our industry-leading global content distribution network. Whether your mobile commerce strategy employs mobile websites or internet-connected native mobile applications, Akamai's Aqua Ion Mobile platform accelerates your content by serving it from our network of edge cache servers close to where mobile users are. To further accelerate your content and improve your users' experience despite network and device limitations, Akamai applies a variety of context-sensitive mobile optimizations in real time, including:

Optimizing Mobile Commerce for Device Diversity and Change

Complicating the task of the mobile commerce manager is the tremendous variety of mobile devices—variety that increases year after year. Even for businesses that develop mobile optimized websites, it's hard to provide a consistent, engaging experience for mobile users when their devices vary substantially in screen size and resolution, processing speed, support for client-side scripting, and so on.

Akamai lets you offload these technical challenges so your can focus on your core business and marketing objectives. The globally distributed Akamai mobile optimization platform applies different real-time optimizations in response to the specifics of each individual user connection, taking into account factors such as device type, operating system, browser type, network speed, current network congestion, and more. This ability to gauge and customize each individual mobile user session not only helps ensure an optimized mobile commerce experience for your customers and prospects, it yields a wealth of real user monitoring data that provides actionable insight into how mobile users engage with your brand.

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