Mobile performance

Mobile performance has become a critical priority for the enterprise as users increasingly turn to mobile devices to make purchases, conduct business transactions, play games, surf the web and watch video. Expectations around mobile performance are rising as well – users expect flawless delivery of mobile cloud services every time they surf the web, engage with a web application or play a mobile video.

As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, the challenges of delivering quality mobile performance increase as well. Wireless Internet access is slower and more prone to packet loss than wired connections. Mobile devices are incredibly varied in both capabilities and limitations. And the pace of change in mobile technology requires ever greater agility from enterprises and IT infrastructure.

Improve mobile performance with Akamai.

As a global leader in solutions and services for the Content Delivery Network (CDN), Akamai offers enterprise mobility solutions that can significantly improve mobile performance for exceptional user experiences on any device, anywhere.

Akamai Ion is an integrated suite of content delivery, acceleration and optimization technologies that can simplify the increasingly complex task of providing optimal mobile performance. As the first situational web and mobile performance solution, Ion makes real-time mobile optimization decisions based on the situational requirements of device, location, browser and network. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Ion enables enterprises to provide users with a faster online experience and better mobile performance, with a solution that is highly secure, available and able to scale to meet peak demands.

Akamai Ion improves mobile performance by delivering:

  • Scale – Ion enables enterprises to offload expensive web infrastructure, including bandwidth, compute and storage, while improving web and mobile application availability and scalability.
  • Performance – Ion automates situational mobile performance, applying optimizations adaptively based on sophisticated analysis of real-time conditions.
  • Intelligence – Akamai Ion enterprise mobility management capabilities deliver unprecedented insight into mobile performance.

Benefits for enterprise mobile performance.

By improving mobile performance with Akamai Ion, enterprises can:

  • Deliver rich and engaging experiences across all mobile devices.
  • Increase conversions and engagement while reducing abandonment of mobile web experiences.
  • Deliver superior mobile performance during peak traffic conditions.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of delivering content for mobile devices.
  • Reduce operational cost by leveraging the scalability of the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Learn more about Akamai solutions for improving mobile performance and enterprise mobility management, and about solutions for web security, including Akamai’s Web Application Firewall (WAF).