TV Everywhere

Americans love TV but they're obsessed with the net—and the devices and mobile applications that keep them connected to it round-the-clock. This is why TV Everywhere, a solution that brings pay TV programming to networked computers, tablets, phones and game consoles, is an essential and inevitable service now being realized nationwide.

The Promise of TV Everywhere

In order to maintain their subscribers and existing streams of revenue, cable television networks are now finding it necessary to offer customers access to premium content via the TV Everywhere model. Through a convenient online video platform, cable subscribers gain exclusive access to their favorite TV programs while content providers are able to better monetize and control distribution of their product, build a stronger web presence, and maximize ROI through new business partnerships and opportunities.

Why TV Everywhere Isn't Quite Everywhere Yet

Unfortunately, for broadcasters and operators, it's not as simple as facilitating online streaming of television programming. After all, a TV Everywhere solution can only fulfill its promise if access is granted exclusively to subscribers of the service. Authenticating and authorizing users wherever, whenever, and on whatever devices they have at hand through a secure, painless, and ideally, one-time log-in process is a major challenge being faced by operators working to provide TV Everywhere.

Moreover, today's audiences have increasingly high expectations for online video. They're not willing to settle for poor video quality or repeated buffering delays just because they're watching from their tablet or smartphone. Responding to consumer demands for seamless streaming of high-resolution video across a range of platforms while providing an enhanced viewing experience is another challenge presented by the TV Everywhere model in an age of high-speed internet, uber-connectivity and personalized OTT subscription streaming video services.

How Akamai Is Supporting the TV Everywhere Initiative

What consumers demand above all however, is compelling media content. And by leveraging the infrastructure and capabilities of a powerful cloud-based media platform, broadcasters can focus greater attention and resources on creating just that.

Akamai's Media & Delivery Solutions offers "one-stop" transcoding and stream packaging suite that prepares and optimizes your content—in the cloud—in real-time for multi-screen consumption while the Akamai HD Network enables scalable, high quality and secure streaming of the final product.

Akamai is helping businesses bring competitive TV Everywhere offerings to market by equipping them with:

  • A sophisticated, customizable suite of content protection and conditional access technologies
  • A common framework for programmers and operators to implement and streamline user authentication and authorization
  • Advanced technical capabilities that enhance the user experience, such as DVR-enabled live video streaming, feature-rich video players, and cross-device viewing continuity

Discover how Akamai can help you deliver on the promise of TV Everywhere.