How to Stream Video

Learning how to stream video online successfully is essential not only for companies that hope to strengthen and profit from their online presence but for content publishers that wish to stay relevant in the lives of consumers who spend an increasing amount of time online and connected via mobile devices.

Offering on-demand and live video streaming of your content on the web is a great way to market your products, communicate with customers, and build an audience that will sustain your business now and in the future. However, as the marketplace for online media consumption becomes increasingly complicated, it is difficult for businesses to determine how to stream video on the web—without spending unnecessarily on in-house infrastructure and expertise.

Deciding How to Stream Video While Providing High Performance and Universal Access

A quick perusal of resources on how to stream video will introduce you to the basics of online streaming, making the step-by-step process seem straightforward enough. Unfortunately, due to the different types of networks, player environments and various competing streaming technologies populating today's media ecosystem, even the first few steps required for preparing an online stream quickly become problematic.

Delivering high-quality streaming video to demanding consumers is costly and challenging. Content providers cannot afford to decide on a file format or codec arbitrarily. When providing a superior viewing experience and universal access to your media matters to your business, every choice is consequential: from video transcoding decisions to media player customizations. This is one reason businesses are using media analytics—to discover what consumers want from online media and decide how to stream video in the most cost-effective, consumer-friendly manner possible.

Discover How to Stream Video Easily and Reliably with the Akamai Media Platform

As companies struggle with the complex details of how to stream video, more and more are turning to cloud-based media platforms to simplify video distribution, reduce costs, and improve video delivery quality. The right online video platform or streaming media-focused Platform as a Service (PaaS) can provide you with the tools, infrastructure and support you need to quickly and easily stream video online today.

By leveraging the services of Akamai's industry-leading Media Delivery Solutions content preparation and packaging platform, you can focus your resources on creating engaging videos while ensuring that your viewers are able to enjoy your content on any device or network in the best quality possible. Just upload your content and our platform:

  • Dynamically transcodes and packages your video streams in the formats and resolutions necessary for multi-device and adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Provides you with content protection, security, authentication, and ad integration services
  • Works in conjunction with our other media solutions, including our video analytics toolset, Media Analytics, and our Media Storage & Delivery HTTP content delivery solution.

All solutions are integrated into Akamai's content distribution network which supports static and dynamic caching, intelligent routing, protocol optimization, jQuery CDN services, and much more.