HTTP Caching on a CDN

HTTP caching is a process of temporarily storing web content and rich media—images, audio, and video—on a CDN server in a content distribution network (CDN), or content delivery network. In these large networks, content passes through multiple servers to reach the targeted destinations, so to reduce traffic in the primary network, HTTP caching stores copies of content on geographically dispersed servers to respond to requests from local users.

Delivering on-demand rich media content to subscribers from the cache on the nearest media streaming server not only reduces bandwidth consumption, it also enhances the user experience by eliminating perceived lag.

Advanced HTTP Caching and Content Delivery with Akamai Network Operator Solutions

HTTP caching is no longer a novelty or a luxury. It's a requirement for network service providers facing exponential growth in network traffic as well as rising consumer expectations.

In recent years Internet traffic has exploded as more customers have adopted multiple devices—laptops, smartphones, and tablets. And when they consume content on any device, they expect consistent high-quality service wherever they are 24/7.

Akamai Network Operator Solutions help you build robust CDNs and improve web caching performance. Brought to you by the company that operates the world's largest CDN, the Akamai Aura Lumen licensed suite of operator content distribution network (OCDN) solutions enable network service providers to build their own CDN with clustered commodity hardware and virtual machines (VMs). Using off-the-shelf hardware reduces outlay costs and increases infrastructure flexibility.

The Aura Lumen solution includes four software components:

  • Aura HyperCache (AHC) eliminates the need to deploy separate HTTP caching infrastructures for each type of content delivery. State-of-the-art hashing algorithms distribute content intelligently across server clusters, preventing flash crowds and hot spots regardless of content popularity, library volumes, or file size differences.
  • Aura Request Router maps customer requests to the CDN node with the best ability to deliver the required content, and handles local and global load balancing throughout the CDN. For subscribers using HTTP live streaming, this method provides an optimal experience with no interruptions.
  • Aura Intercept Service supports HTTP caching and offloading over-the-top content through traffic interception and redirection. Content requests from clients are intercepted en route to the origin server and rerouted to the best available content server cache for response and delivery.
  • Aura Control System is a portal that provides operators with real-time traffic reports and segmented analytics. This information helps operators evaluate CDN performance and identify the types of content receiving the most views.

HTTP Caching Solutions from the Leaders in CDN Technology

Akamai CDN solutions provide you with proven technology from one of the pioneers in HTTP caching. Along with the most advanced techniques for caching of static or dynamic content, Akamai CDN solutions can also provide you with specialized technologies for streaming video delivery including media streaming software and comprehensive media analytics.

For providers who prefer cloud-based solutions, Akamai's Aura Spectra service enables you to deploy your own CDN on servers that Akamai maintains and operates around the world.

Learn more about Akamai Network Operator Solutions for HTTP caching and optimized content delivery.