Network Optimization

Among the many changes wrought by the advent of cloud computing services is the need for networking and security professionals to broaden the scope of their network optimization efforts. By any cloud computing definition, the public Internet is a key component in cloud application delivery. Even private clouds often leverage the public Internet, if the enterprise workforce is widely dispersed and mobile.

This means that network optimization solutions that focus solely on what transpires within the four walls of the data center are inadequate in the cloud computing era. To achieve the goal of secure, reliable, high-performance application delivery, network optimization must address not only the data center network but also the Internet connection that links end users to the data center.

To help them achieve this modern, enlarged vision of network optimization, leading online businesses turn to Akamai.

Network Optimization from the Cloud Network Experts

Akamai operates a global cloud network spanning more than 160,000 servers in over 95 countries. The global Akamai Intelligent Platform handles more than two trillion Internet interactions daily to optimize the delivery of web content and applications to end users on any type of connected device, anywhere in the world.

For our enterprise and service provider customers, the Akamai platform delivers comprehensive network optimization capabilities suited for cloud and web-enabled applications, including:

  • Advanced edge caching capabilities that shorten the network distance between your users and your content—in most instances, to a single network hop.
  • Real-time IP routing optimizations that utilize the best-performing path between an end user and your origin infrastructure, for requests that can't be fulfilled from cache.
  • TCP layer optimizations that accelerate connection set-up and reduce round trips.
  • Distributed DNS solutions that protect your primary DNS servers from direct exposure to end users.
  • Global load balancing that apportions load across origin data centers based on Internet conditions as well as data center conditions.

Akamai's network optimization solutions also include inline, forward-based security solutions that prevent network attacks and application layer attacks from reaching your origin infrastructure.

Network Optimization Benefits

By leveraging Akamai's cloud-based network optimization and application delivery solutions, your business can:

  • Reduce IT costs by offloading traffic from your origin infrastructure and by reducing demands on your Support Desk.
  • Boost revenues by delivering a better web application experience for your customers and partners.
  • Increase workforce productivity by reducing application downtime and accelerating application delivery to remote or mobile employees.
  • Enhance visibility into application performance including end user monitoring and advanced video analytics.

Learn more about Akamai's network optimization solutions for today's online enterprise.