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Enterprise Application Performance with EAA

Delivering High Performing Enterprise Applications

IT departments monitor app performance closely to ensure employees aren’t wasting time and money waiting for apps to load as they try to do their job. Poor performance causes problems with productivity, revenue, and application adoption. And it results in a lot of unwanted helpdesk tickets with complaints about application performance.

Hybrid topologies and distributed apps and users demand a new way to deliver enterprise applications. Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access, combined with Akamai’s web performance solutions, enables you to deliver applications and data only to authenticated and authorized users and devices, with no need to allow unfettered access to the corporate network or backhaul app traffic, all while providing seamless cross-device performance across the globe both for in-country and international use cases, and with the benefit of cellular optimizations.

Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access plus Web Performance products provide a radically new approach to application access management while delivering exceptional user experience, inherently better security, and is easier for IT to manage.

As technology continues to develop, more and more applications become not just convenient but necessary and business critical. The challenge becomes providing access that delivers both a great user experience and best-in-class security for the business.

Akamai Enterprise Application Access requires:

  • No additional hardware management
  • No additional setup (user/device integration, delivery, training)
  • No API integration and development work for each application

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