Cloud Infrastructure

Software as a Service, or SaaS, applications place unique demands on cloud computing infrastructure. This is due to a number of factors that, when combined, challenge both the capacity and availability of SaaS applications.

Large and variable user population

An effective cloud infrastructure for SaaS must be sufficiently scalable to accommodate an often-unpredictable volume of requests from users who are geographically dispersed, and whose requests may occur simultaneously, requiring a spike in available processor capacity as well as database access and authentication.

Successful SaaS providers seek to serve the largest number of users possible, while maintaining performance that rivals or surpasses the speed of desktop applications. To maximize profitability, providers must be able to ensure their cloud infrastructure is cost-effectively scalable to meet user needs without overprovisioning.

More and more dynamic applications

Increasingly, SaaS applications have more interdependencies with 3rd party applications, device-specific data (such as GPS/geolocation data) and a range of dynamic data sources. Given the amount and complexity of data required to produce required product performance and deliver dynamic SaaS solutions, a sufficiently robust cloud computing architecture must be deployed to speed these 'micro-transactions' that power today's dynamic SaaS applications.

More and more dynamic applications

As more and more organizations adopt SaaS applications for a greater range of business operations and customer interactions, maintaining a secure environment and ensuring the privacy of user data is paramount. Therefore, successful cloud infrastructure providers must demonstrate world-class security measures, both in terms of platform design and security features.

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