Server Load Balancing

Server load balancing is a method for improving the availability and performance of software applications that are run across multiple servers. This method boosts application availability by routing client request traffic away from servers that are congested or malfunctioning, and elevates performance by balancing request traffic across healthy servers so that no one server is over-burdened.

Server load balancing is especially important for mission critical applications that handle a high volume of requests. In high traffic contexts such as popular websites and web-based applications, request traffic typically must be balanced across servers in multiple geographically dispersed datacenters.

Many of today's leading web properties and online businesses are eschewing conventional hardware-based server load balancing and instead using Akamai's cloud-based server load balancing solution.

Internet-Centric Server Load Balancing from Akamai

Akamai operates the world's largest network for accelerating web content and web application delivery to any device, anywhere. Among the services that we offer is Global Traffic Management, a DNS-based, Internet-centric server load balancing solution for high-traffic web properties that serve content and applications from multiple datacenters. With this cloud-based solution, Akamai's global network of name servers is used to direct end users' requests to the optimal datacenter, based on real-time Internet conditions as well as conditions at our clients' datacenters.

Akamai's intelligent name servers can apply a range of routing logics in real time, from simple failover logic that directs requests to an alternative datacenter when there is a failure at a primary site, to sophisticated performance maximizing logic that applies network optimization algorithms and even allows for server-specific load balancing within a datacenter. The Akamai global network of intelligent name servers is fault-tolerant and backed by a 100% SLA.

Benefits of Akamai's Global Server Load Balancing Solution

Customers using the Akamai Global Traffic Management solution benefit from:

  • Improved availability and performance of websites and web applications. By using a global server load balancing solution that takes real-time Internet conditions into account rather than only evaluating whether servers are functional, you ensure that your end users can access your web content with maximum reliability and minimum latency.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs and complexity. Using a cloud-based solution for server load balancing reduces CAPEX costs and maintenance headaches, while ensuring limitless scalability.
  • Visibility and control. With Akamai's cloud solutions you gain access to our web-based cloud management software that gives you real-time visibility into solution performance as well as control over customer-specific policies and configurations.

Akamai Global Traffic Management customers can optionally take advantage of a broad range of solutions built on Akamai's worldwide CDN server network. These include Cloud Security Solutions, mobile optimization, cloud storage services for multimedia content, and online video platform capabilities such as real-time transcoding services.

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