Web acceleration

Deliver a better online experience with web acceleration solutions.

As consumers increasingly turn to the web to browse and shop for products, services and information, web acceleration solutions can help you deliver on the extraordinarily high expectations of your customers.

As they browse the Internet, consumers want a web experience that is entertaining and personalized for their needs and preferences. But in making your site more engaging, you risk slowing site performance and page downloads, as rendering pages on the fly causes delays and failure in content delivery.

To meet consumers’ expectations for fast website performance and instant gratification as they browse, you need web acceleration technology to deliver superior performance, handle peak Internet traffic and deliver availability 24/7.

Web acceleration technology from Akamai.

Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator delivers the tools to improve the speed, performance and availability of your websites. This Akamai web acceleration solution enables performance that is up to five times faster than your original infrastructure and can handle dynamically generated content without requiring an expensive investment in additional hardware. In addition to speeding and securing websites and web application performance, it offers deeper visibility and intelligence on visitors and their online activity.

Dynamic Site Accelerator is built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, providing the scale required to meet sudden spikes in Internet traffic from events like flash sales and holiday shopping. The Akamai Intelligent Platform caches content on servers close to the end user. User requests for content are dynamically mapped to the optimal edge server based on transaction type and location. Route optimization technology determines the quickest and most reliable path to your data center to pull interactive or dynamic content. And Akamai’s web acceleration technology delivers dynamic content to users over optimized connections to avoid problem spots on the Internet.

Akamai’s web acceleration solutions provide:

  • Capacity on Demand
  • Compression
  • Cache Optimization
  • Content Caching
  • Connection Optimization
  • Route Optimization
  • Content Availability
  • Pre-Fetching
  • Performance and Availability Service Level Agreement
  • Site Security
  • Site and Visitor Intelligence

Benefits of Akamai web acceleration technology

Web acceleration solutions from Akamai provide your organization with significant benefits, enabling you to:

  • Scale on demand to meet greater volumes of traffic.
  • Speed up performance of highly interactive content on your websites.
  • Deliver SSL-protected content while mitigating security risks.
  • Reduce IT operating costs and investments by avoiding the purchase of additional hardware.
  • Gain insight for better decision making through the use of site and visitor intelligence reports.

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