Web Application Testing

Web application testing is an increasingly important tool for enterprises seeking to provide exceptional web performance to end-users. Web application testing enables enterprises to simulate spikes in user traffic, explore security vulnerabilities in an application server, and test functionality of applications. As more applications are migrated to the cloud, web application testing can help enterprise IT teams to address the issues of performance, reliability, and security that inevitably arise. With accurate results from web application testing, enterprises can more easily optimize applications to deliver higher availability and performance for better user experiences.

For enterprises seeking to improve application performance through web application testing and optimization, Akamai delivers leading solutions that are trusted by the world's largest brands.

Web application testing with Akamai

As a leading provider of cloud services and enterprise solutions for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences, Akamai provides web application testing services that help enterprises find the limits of origin infrastructure. An Akamai Professional Services team works closely with enterprise IT teams to appropriately configure load testing tools in order to simulate real world load on an Akamai-based application or site. By setting up web application testing tools to better reflect real world scenarios, Akamai Professional Services can accurately help to achieve load test objectives.

Optimizing after web application testing

When web application testing uncovers issues with performance, reliability and security, enterprises can rely on Akamai web performance solutions to address them through optimization and acceleration.

Cloud-based solutions like Akamai Ion enable enterprises to overcome the challenges related to delivering a web based application over the Internet. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Ion helps enterprises to distribute application optimizations globally and locate them closer to users and data centers around the world. Features include:

  • Akamai Sure Route, a dynamic Internet mapping protocol that analyzes all prospective routes between a cloud data center and end-users to intelligently select the best route.
  • Dynamic Page Caching, a granular, intelligent web page caching of historically hard-to-cache content.
  • Akamai Instant, a technology that speeds page load times by retrieving the next pages most likely to be requested based on origin analytics, before the web user even requests them.
  • Front End Optimization, a solution that identifies the device that is accessing the web application and automatically rewrites HTML, modifies images, and adjusts JS, CSS and other page objects to accelerate downloading and rendering of web pages.

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