Enterprise Solutions

As the web and the cloud enable the world to become increasingly interconnected, organizations need innovative enterprise solutions to help them keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, data security threats and user expectations.

The prospect of a highly connected world is exhilarating – billions of people, tens of billions of devices, and countless petabytes of information all connected, and increasingly accessed by mobile users – presents tremendous potential for businesses. To deliver on this promise – and to stay competitive – companies need enterprise solutions that accelerate innovation while removing the complexities of technology, enabling the enterprise to focus on driving the business forward faster. With the right enterprise solutions, businesses can capitalize on market opportunities while overcoming the challenges presented by security threats and the need to reach users globally on an increasingly large number of devices.

For companies that want to deliver the best online experiences on any device, anywhere in the world, Akamai provides enterprise solutions that are the choice of the world's leading brands.

Enterprise solutions from Akamai

Anyone who has ever shopped online, watched a web video, downloaded music, or connected to work remotely has most likely used Akamai's enterprise solutions. As one of the world's leading cloud service providers, Akamai helps enterprises provides secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, from any location. Based on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Akamai enterprise solutions reach globally and deliver locally, offering unmatched reliability, security, and visibility into business conducted online.

Comprehensive enterprise solutions

Akamai offers enterprise solutions for every aspect of providing high-quality user experiences online. Our solutions include:

  • Web performance enterprise solutions that help to accelerate websites, grow revenue, and conduct business globally while satisfying user expectations for instant, secure, reliable access to the enterprise web presence.
  • Media delivery solutions that help the enterprise meet rowing consumer expectation for online video and media streaming content.
  • Cloud security solutions that help to secure web sites and data centers, reducing the risk of downtime and data breaches. Kona Site Defender provides effective DDoS prevention, while Kona Web Application Firewall offers application-layer defense against attacks like SQL injections and cross-side scripts, and Edge DNS delivers greater DNS security and fast DNS resolution.
  • Cloud networking enterprise solutions that transform the network to accelerate applications and lower costs by successfully reducing bandwidth expense and bringing the Internet and public clouds into the private WAN.
  • Network operator solutions that provide content delivery network (CDN) operators with licensed or managed CDN services, and enable them to operate a cost-efficient network that can capitalize on traffic growth and new subscriber services while reducing the complexity of building and operating a CDN.