Mobile Optimized Websites

Common Approaches to Mobile Optimized Websites, and the Problems Raised

A common strategy for businesses adapting to the mobile commerce revolution is to develop an entirely separate website for mobile users. While the building of dedicated mobile optimized websites does have the benefit of improving site performance for mobile users, this approach bumps into the problem that there a great many types of mobile devices with widely varying capabilities. Further complicating the challenge of mobile optimization, the mobile device landscape is constantly changing. A company can develop multiple mobile optimized websites targeted toward different devices, but this approach does not scale well and risks diverting too much time and effort from the core business objective of developing great mobile content.

An alternative approach to creating mobile optimized websites is "responsive web design" (RWD). With RWD, businesses build just one site to serve fixed line users as well as mobile users. Cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript are used in such a way that the rendering of an HTML page—and what the user sees on screen—is responsive to the capabilities of the device. While this approach is efficient from a development perspective, as currently practiced it has its own problems—particularly that it tends to result in "heavy" HTML pages that download slowly on mobile devices.

Use the Akamai Cloud to Offload the Complexity of Mobile Optimized Websites

Akamai Ion Mobile is a SaaS solution that makes it easy to optimize your web content for mobile, without you having to purchase infrastructure or adapt your website code. Ion Mobile uses a highly intelligent mobile optimization layer on top of Akamai's industry-leading global content distribution network to dramatically improve mobile web performance as well as the performance of web-connected mobile applications.

The Akamai cloud helps shift the burden of optimizing websites out of your data center and on to the edges of the internet where Akamai's servers apply mobile optimizations dynamically, in real time. This scalable and agile approach to delivering mobile optimized websites uses advanced techniques such as front end optimization (FEO), adaptive image compression, and transmission protocol optimization to provide the best results for any device, anywhere, anytime. The Ion Mobile solution also leverages real user monitoring to develop actionable intelligence about how mobile users are engaging with your web content.

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