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2015 Cybersecurity Threat Advisories

Understand the sources and attributes of emerging cybersecurity threats, and best practices to prevent, identify and mitigate DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities to protect your enterprise.

  • Electronic Medical Records: Risks and Defenses
    Published November 16, 2015
    Malicious actors have begun to exploit the data contained within Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) with the potential to commit various forms of fraud.

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  • Case Study: FASTDNS Infrastructure Battles XOR Botnet
    Published November 12, 2015
    XOR DDoS malware used in a ten day, multi-vector DDoS attack against Akamai’s FASTDNS Infrastructure.

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  • Torte Botnet: A Spambot Investigation
    Published November 2, 2015
    A multi-layered, decentralized and widely-distributed botnet used to launch brute-force email spamming campaigns.

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  • Latest DDoS Reflection Attack Vectors Threat Advisory
    Published October 28, 2015
    NetBIOS name server reflection DDoS, RPC portmap reflection DDoS and Sentinel DDoS, which reflects off of licensing servers.

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  • XOR DDoS Threat Advisory
    Published September 29, 2015
    Linux machines infected by XOR DDoS malware are launching DDoS attacks at as many as 20 targets a day.

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  • Summary of Operation DD4BC Case Study
    Published September 9, 2015
    The latest bitcoin extortion campaigns by DD4BC in May through July 2015 involved new social tactics and DDoS methodology.

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  • RIPv1 Reflection DDoS Threat Advisory
    Published July 01, 2015
    Attackers are using an outdated Routing Information Protocol version one (RIPv1) for reflection and amplification attacks.

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  • DD4BC Operation Profile
    Published April 23, 2015
    A malicious group that extorts bitcoins while threatening large DDoS attacks and offering DDoS protection has expanded its range of targets.

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  • Joomla Reflection DDoS-for-Hire Threat Advisory
    Published February 25, 2015
    Attackers are using reflection techniques against compromised Joomla servers to launch DDoS GET floods.

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  • MS SQL Reflection DDoS Threat Advisory
    Published February 12, 2015
    Attackers are using reflection techniques against Internet-exposed SQL Server instances to launch amplified DDoS attacks against targets.

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