Web experience

Users today expect a fast and flawless web experience every time they engage with your brand. Whether it’s a consumer website, business app, mobile site or mobile app, users want a high-quality web experience regardless of their device, location, browser or network. Failure to deliver fast and engaging web application or website performance can have significant negative impact on revenues, engagement and costs.

But even as user expectations continue to rise, the difficulty of delivering an exceptional web experience is growing as well. Applications are more complex than ever, file sizes (especially for online video) are consuming more bandwidth and device proliferation shows no sign of slowing. To deliver the kind of web experience that will consistently engage users and convert consumers, enterprises need an intelligent performance optimization solution that can accelerate website and web application performance on any device, anywhere. That’s where Akamai can help.

Improving the web experience with Akamai

Akamai is the world’s leading provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services that make the Internet faster, more reliable and more secure. One of every three global 500 companies relies on Akamai for solutions that improve web and mobile performance, enhance cloud security and optimize media delivery to any device, anywhere in the world.

Ion is Akamai’s high-performance solution for delivering a web experience that is optimized for any device. As the first situational web acceleration and performance solution, Akamai Ion has the intelligence to make real-time web and mobile optimization decisions based on situational requirements of device, location, browser and network. Built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Ion simplifies the task of creating a fast and engaging web experience while providing greater security and scaling to meet peak demand.

Benefits for delivering an optimal web experience

Akamai Ion’s capabilities for website and web application acceleration enable enterprises to:

  • Deliver a rich and engaging web experience that surpasses user expectations for speed and availability no matter the device, network, browser or location.
  • Improve rates of conversion and engagement while lowering rates of abandonment across the mobile and desktop web experience.
  • Increase successful transactions through uninterrupted availability.
  • Deliver an exceptional web experience even while scaling to meet peak traffic conditions.
  • Minimize the complexity of developing and delivering a rich web experience.
  • Lower the operational cost and investment in network infrastructure by leveraging the scalability and security of the Akamai intelligent platform.

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