Web Performance

Web performance is a critical priority for enterprises today, as users expect instant, secure and reliable access to online content, from any device and any location. Poor web performance such as slow page loads or content that is not optimized for mobile devices can have a lasting adverse impact on revenues, brand, and employee productivity. And the inability to get applications deployed quickly anywhere in the world can severely limit an enterprise's opportunities.

For web performance solutions that accelerate enterprise web applications and provide users with fast, personalized online experiences, more organizations today turn to Akamai.

Akamai web performance solutions

Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services that enable enterprises to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. Anyone who has ever shopped online, connected to work remotely, downloaded music, or watched a web video has most likely used Akamai's cloud platform. Akamai Web performance Solutions help accelerate websites so enterprises can grow revenue and conduct business globally.

Solutions for enterprise web performance

Akamai offers several web performance solutions for the enterprise:

  • Alta is a cloud-based application delivery network for web applications hosted anywhere, with features that allow web application delivery optimizations to be distributed globally, and located close to users and data centers wherever they reside.
  • Web Application Accelerator is a cloud-based service that lets enterprises deliver a web based application quickly, securely, reliably, and cost effectively.
  • IP Application Accelerator provides fast throughput for IP-enabled business processes, and is designed to enable enterprises to deliver IP applications to globally distributed users quickly, securely and reliably – without the expense of building out or supporting dedicated IT infrastructure.

Solutions for improving consumer web performance

Akamai also offers solutions designed to improve web performance for consumers:

  • Ion is the first situational performance solution – a tightly integrated suite of web delivery, acceleration and optimization technologies. It intelligently applies situational optimizations based on device, network, location and browser to deliver a faster, secure and more highly available website experience that can scale to meet peak capacity demands.
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator provides network optimizations for rich, dynamically generated content. It can help to deliver a globally consistent performance that is up to five times faster than original web infrastructure.
  • Edge DNS quickly and dependably directs end users to enterprise websites and offers DNS security features that defend against the largest distributed denial of service attacks confronting enterprises today.
  • Global Traffic Management provides global load balancing across multiple data center and cloud environments to ensure high availability and responsiveness to user requests.

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