Front End Performance Testing & Optimization

How long are users waiting for your site to load?

Improve website performance where it counts most. Find and fix front-end problems.

Since the majority of user response time is spent on the front end, that’s where you’ll realize the biggest performance gains for your optimization efforts.

As a means of creating mobile optimized websites, Front End Optimization (FEO) targets the front end or "last mile" of web content consumption: delivery over the wireless network and the HTML rendering in a browser. To improve performance at the front end, FEO employs several techniques including:

  1. Reduce the number of requests required to fetch the resources for each page
  2. Reduce the size of the payload needed to fulfill each request
  3. Optimize client-side processing priorities and script execution efficiency
  4. Manage third-party scripts

The only way to successfully implement these strategies is to continuously monitor, measure, and analyze front-end performance. Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides the insight you need to deliver the best possible user experience. Not only will you get complete real-time visibility into user behavior on your site, you can correlate front-end performance changes with business metrics like bounce rate and conversions.

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