Front End Optimization (FEO)

Front end optimization (FEO) is one of the services that Akamai offers to help you ensure that users have a positive experience with your web content and web applications, from any device, anywhere, at any time. Front end optimization (FEO) is especially effective as a means of mobile optimization of web content and applications for smartphone and tablet users.

Front end optimization (FEO) Techniques

As a means of creating mobile optimized websites, Front End Optimization, (FEO) targets the front end or "last mile" of web content consumption: the delivery over the wireless network and the rendering of HTML in a browser. To improve performance at the front end, FEO employs several techniques including:

  • Reducing the number of HTTP requests initiated by an HTML page
  • Reducing the number of bytes associated with a web page download, for instance by resizing and compressing images
  • Optimizing page rendering in the browser so that the important parts of the page display as quickly as possible without getting held up by less important parts like third party content

Front end optimization (FEO) in the Akamai Cloud

Having your development team apply Front end optimization (FEO) principles to your website can dramatically improve site performance for mobile users, but it's complex and time-consuming, especially if it entails retrofitting an existing site. For best results FEO techniques need to be implemented differently for different mobile device types, a steep challenge given the diversity and constant change in the mobile ecosystem.

Akamai solves this problem for you by applying Front end optimization (FEO) to your web content automatically, from the Akamai global content delivery cloud. Akamai's state-of-art FEO engines analyze your web pages, create multiple optimization versions targeted toward different device capabilities, and then disperse that optimized content to the Akamai network of edge servers. When a mobile user downloads one of your web pages, they receive an optimized version ideally suited to their network connection and their device.

Benefits of Front end optimization (FEO) from Akamai

By using Akamai's cloud-based FEO service your business can:

  • Boost your mobile commerce revenues by providing your mobile customers and prospects a fast-loading, highly engaging experience with your website and web-based mobile applications.
  • Implement Front end optimization (FEO) without having to extend your own infrastructure or develop in-house FEO expertise.
  • Keep your focus on developing compelling mobile content and offers rather than side-tracking off into the technicalities of mobile optimization.
  • Capitalize on the synergies between FEO and Akamai's other web acceleration and optimization services including routing optimization, edge caching, and real user monitoring.

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