Real User Monitoring

In a digital environment enriched by new technologies and super-fast broadband access—and complicated by a diversity of devices and networks—it’s become more challenging every day to deliver a meaningful online experience. The answer? Harnessing Real User Monitoring (RUM) to enable every user to enjoy your site at its best—no matter what device, browser, or network they use.

Real User Monitoring allows you to collect data about your website's performance as experienced by actual users, helping you uncover crucial opportunities for optimization. Whether you're refining a mobile commerce strategy or developing mobile optimized websites, RUM empowers you to enhance your online presence.

Improve Site Performance and Increase Your ROI

RUM provides the critical intelligence you need to enable visitors to enjoy the highest quality online experience possible. With this information at your fingertips, teams across your entire organization gain the insights they need to correlate the impact of performance metrics to the bottom line.

Monitoring users’ actual experience helps you establish a higher standard of service and improve the performance of your site and your business. Simply put, it empowers you to take immediate action as required, prioritize resources and coordinate your efforts to improve the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can troubleshoot performance issues, better direct resources, and deliver smarter digital experiences to improve and track key business KPIs.

Real User Monitoring from Akamai: Gain Insight from the Source

Akamai's mPulse™ RUM solution collects real-time web page requests and delivery data directly from a user’s browser or mobile application in real time about individual web page requests and deliveries. It then aggregates the collection, aggregates and then reports on your site's performance.

With mPulse, you’ll see:

  • Performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load times
  • Engagement metrics like bounce and conversion rates
  • Mobile user metrics like user location, device type, carrier speed and application usage

How it Works and How You Benefit

By dynamically inserting a lightweight snippet of JavaScript into your pages, Akamai RUM measures actual page loads as they happen, enabling you to:

  • Learn what proportion of users are confronting slow response times and examine the spread between those enjoying fast page loads and those probably frustrated by slower page loading
  • Determine if your site performance is improving or declining, stable or erratic, or how performance is being affected by your latest release
  • Compare response times across different groups of users, for example, between Android devices and iPhones

Learn more about how you can use mPulse real user monitoring to find and fix performance issues that are getting in the way of revenue.