Real User Monitoring

In a digital environment enriched by new technologies and super-fast broadband access—and complicated by a diversity of devices and networks—delivering online users a meaningful experience is becoming more challenging every day. Using real user monitoring to gain the knowledge you need to deliver exceptional site performance to consumers is an excellent way to address that challenge.

Fragmented audiences necessitate a personalized online experience to ensure that each and every user can enjoy a site at its best from whatever device, browser or network they choose. Real user monitoring allows you to collect data about your website's performance as experienced by actual users, helping you uncover crucial opportunities for optimization.

Whether you're refining a mobile commerce strategy or developing mobile optimized websites, real user monitoring is a powerful tool that provides you with valuable information about how to enhance your online presence.

A Simple Solution: Real User Monitoring from Akamai

Akamai's real user monitoring solution gathers data about individual web page requests and deliveries, and then aggregates and reports back to you what we've discovered about your site's performance. We supply you with real data about actual web traffic as opposed to the averages and percentiles gained through synthetic testing simulation. We offer you visibility into the user's experience based on their browser, OS, geographical location, and protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) as well as information about whether a page was optimized using Front End Optimization (FEO) technologies.

By dynamically inserting a lightweight snippet of JavaScript into your pages, Akamai real user monitoring measures actual page loads as they happen, enabling you to:

  • Learn what proportion of users are confronting slow response times and examine the spread between those enjoying fast page loads and those probably frustrated by slower page loading
  • Determine if your site performance is improving or declining, stable or erratic or how performance is being affected by your latest release
  • Compare response times across different groups of users, for example, between Android devices and iPhones

Leveraging Real User Monitoring to Improve Site Performance and Increase Your ROI

Real user monitoring gives you the critical intelligence you need to provide users with the highest quality online experience possible. As part of our Aqua Ion suite of web and mobile application acceleration technologies, real user monitoring helps you establish a higher standard of service and improve the performance of your site and your business.

When combined with synthetic monitoring and web and video analytics, the Akamai real user monitoring solution gives you a holistic understanding of the user experience, showing you what works and what doesn't. Equipped with this knowledge, you can troubleshoot performance issues, better direct resources, and deliver smarter mobile and video optimization while increasing online revenue.

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