Network Attacks

With the proliferation of BYOD, cloud-based apps, and highly interactive websites, corporate IT assets have become more vulnerable to damaging network attacks. Widely publicized attacks by hacktivist collectives illustrate the information security issues major corporations now face and the real threat posed by hacktivism and its adherents. Every day, defending against Internet-borne network attacks remains a challenge for businesses that cannot afford to sacrifice their web presence for a safer network environment.

Responding to the Threat of Network Attacks

The online availability of hacker knowledge, attack tools, and botnets-for-hire has contributed to an increase in the frequency and sophistication of Internet-borne network attacks. Whether motivated by political or financial concerns, cyber attacks result in costly damages to IT infrastructure and brand reputation. One of the ways organizations attempt to mitigate the threat of network attacks is through the use of network security tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Although useful when implemented correctly, traditional perimeter-based solutions may also introduce new attack vectors to networks as a result of improper configuration or insufficient patching.

To better prevent network attacks, knowledgeable companies will carry out vulnerability management and penetration testing to assess the efficacy of their security devices. Basic preventative measures like network penetration testing help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and better understand their security posture, allowing them to more efficiently address gaps in info security. Nevertheless, such measures are resource-consuming and limited in scope by the skills of testers and the time available for testing. The threat of tomorrow's zero-day exploit remains and companies are left with a false sense of security.

Defeating Network Attacks with Akamai Cloud Security Solutions

Ultimately, no on-premise solution can prevent all types of network attacks. Moreover, without making substantial investments to augment underlying infrastructure capabilities, companies acting on their own simply cannot protect their networks from the most devastating form of attack, a volumetric DDoS.

What companies need to effectively mitigate a variety of cyber threats is flexible, scalable, multi-layered defenses. This is why Akamai has designed and built into the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM simple yet powerful Cloud Security Solutions that help defend your web applications and networks from attack:

  • Our edge-based, defense-in-depth approach thwarts attacks upstream and employs overlapping layers of protection to detect and deflect web application and network attacks before they reach our customers' data centers.
  • Our cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution offers built-in scalability, absorbing DDoS traffic at the application layer while filtering out malicious DDoS traffic targeted at the network layer.
  • Our InfoSec and CSIRT teams are constantly analyzing new threat intelligence, adapting our platform's security to the present threat landscape, and offering our customers the information they need to stay vigilant and safe.
  • Our reputational service offering forewarns you of intent before exploitation

Discover how Akamai's Cloud Security Solutions can help protect your organization from network attacks.