What is Web Caching?

Web caching prevents origin servers from crashing by storing media files on a device. When a user first accesses a new website, files such as images are “cached”. The next time he or she visits, the cached files will load.

What is cached data?

Data that your device stores when visiting a website for the first time includes images, scripts or other media files such as gifs. The browser cache definition, therefore, is a temporary storage area that stores your most recent internet files.

Cached data does not stay the same forever. Browsers continually compare content between your cached data and the live content on the site. If it changes, new internet files are downloaded and will enter your browser cache.

Internet caching is very useful as it speeds up the time it takes for a page to load. It is becoming even more necessary in a world of mobile content, and media-heavy webpages.

Web caching techniques: content distribution networks

A content distribution network (CDN) features proxy servers located in multiple locations for faster content delivery. CDNs use multiple servers to retain copies of rich media and content.

When a user sends a request, this is sent to the closest CDN server geographically. This means that media files load more quickly and reduce the load on the primary network.

Why we need web caching solutions

A scalable web caching solution helps to save bandwidth and deliver a better user experience for your customers. In particular, web caching is essential for mobile optimization. Operators are now catering for a higher subscriber demand than ever:

  • Up to 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices
  • 57% of users said they would not recommend a business with a poorly mobile optimized website

Advancement in mobile technology has changed customer demand – multimedia is expected to render just as well on a mobile as it is on a desktop. Technology such as Internet Protocol Television has become a popular method of securing customer loyalty, providing premium streaming services at any time on any device connected through the Internet to an IPTV server.

Sophisticated web caching servers can store multiple variations of the same media content, with each variation optimized for a different type of connected device.

Advantages of web caching for mobile

To provide their customers with the benefits of HTTP caching and high-performance media streaming, more network operators are building and deploying their own CDNs. This capability allows them to create new revenue streams from a broader range of subscriber products and services, along with selling services to third-party content providers.

Deploy Industry-Best Web Caching with Akamai Network Operator Solutions

Akamai’s industry-leading technology will help your enterprise create a content delivery network that accelerates content delivery. Using pioneering web caching technology with Akamai’s Aura Lumen suite, businesses can deliver multimedia content on multiple devices seamlessly.

The Aura Lumen suite comprises operator content distribution applications and can be combined with commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

The Aura Lumen OCDN solution includes these software components:

  • Aura Hypercache (AHC) distributes content intelligently across video streaming clusters without the need for separate caching infrastructures.
  • Aura Request Router improves the user experience by mapping requests to the best CDN node available. It also uses global load balancing to improve performance.
  • Aura Intercept Service detects requests heading to the client server and redirects them to the most appropriate web caching server.
  • Aura Control System gives operators real-time CDN reports, monitoring traffic and content demand via a media analytics portal.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a solution that saves upfront CAPEX costs and speeds time to market, Akamai's Aura Spectra service is the answer. Deploy your CDN on Akamai's secure cloud-based servers, monitored by our professional technicians 24/7.

Discover more from Akamai’s Network Operator Solutions, providing better content delivery through web caching.