Web Caching

Web caching is a temporary storage mechanism that speeds the delivery of web content to end users. In content distribution networks (CDNs), multiple servers retain copies of content and rich media, including audio, video, images, and static text, at various points throughout the network for later retrieval. User requests are fulfilled by the closest CDN server caching the content, which saves time and reduces traffic to the primary network.

Why Web Caching is Important

As more operators strive to meet growing subscriber demand for mobile optimization of multi-media content, effective web caching has become a critical component of their digital strategies. Customers expect content to load quickly and consistently on any device—even bandwidth-hungry content like audio and video—so if performance is slow, they will go elsewhere. Sophisticated web caching servers can store multiple variation of the same media content, with each variation optimized for a different type of connected device.

IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, has become a popular operator solution for retaining customer loyalty and attracting new subscribers. In today's mobile world, customer demand convenience 24/7. They want access to their favorite television programs and premium content whenever, wherever, on any device connected through the Internet to an IPTV server.

To provide their customers with the benefits of HTTP caching and high-performance media streaming, more network operators are building and deploying their own CDNs. This capability allows them to create new revenue streams from a broader range of subscriber products and services, along with selling services to third-party content providers.

Deploy Industry-Best Web Caching with Akamai Network Operator Solutions

Get the best in web caching technology by building and deploying your own CDN with the help of Akamai – one of the pioneers in web caching and web content delivery acceleration. Combine Akamai's Aura Lumen suite of operator content distribution network (OCDN) applications with commercial off-the-shelf hardware to build and deploy a robust CDN capable of delivering multimedia content seamlessly with no perceived time lags.

The Aura Lumen OCDN solution includes these software components:

  • Aura HyperCache (AHC) distributes content intelligently across video streaming server clusters, thereby preventing flash crowds and hot spots. Unlike other industry solutions, no separate caching infrastructures for delivering separate content types are required.
  • Aura Request Router provides an optimal, interruption-free customer experience by mapping requests to the CDN node best able to deliver the content. Aura Request Router also takes care of local and global load balancing throughout the CDN.
  • Aura Intercept Service intercepts client requests traveling to the origin server and reroutes them to the best available web caching server to handle the delivery.
  • Aura Control System helps operators evaluate CDN performance with real-time traffic reports and content demand via a portal of media analytics segmented by content and system.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a solution that saves upfront CAPEX costs and speeds time to market, Akamai's Aura Spectra service is the answer. Deploy your CDN on Akamai's secure cloud-based servers, monitored by our professional technicians 24/7.

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