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Deliver Fast, Secure Enterprise Applications to All Users

Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access, combined with Web performance solutions, enables you to deliver applications and data only to authenticated and authorized users and devices, with no need to allow unfettered access to the entire corporate network. All while providing seamless, cross-device performance across the globe.

Why today’s enterprises need a simplified new approach to application access management:

  • Users are increasingly mobile or working outside of the traditional office
  • Apps are now hosted in a variety of places and can be on premises, IaaS, or SaaS
  • More contractors, suppliers, vendors, and other users now have access to enterprise apps behind the firewall.

As technology continues to develop, more and more applications become not just convenient but necessary and business critical. The challenge becomes providing access that delivers both a great user experience and best-in-class security for the business.

Akamai Enterprise Application Access requires:

  • No additional hardware management
  • No additional setup (user/device integration, delivery, training)
  • No API integration and development work for each application

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